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Shadow AppReview: Find your lost Dog

Finding a lost dog is no easy feat. In fact, it can be a huge mission involving a lot of emotional, mental and physical stress. From dealing with the worry and anxiety of wondering where your dog is to running around the neighborhood. You’ll be desperately looking for them and trying to dig up your last memory of seeing your dog. It is a tiring and draining experience that I hope no dog owners ever have to go through.

Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. Even if you turn away for a few seconds, it is very possible (and easy) for your dog to run off in they are unleashed. It is disappointing how few resources exist out there that help dog owners find their missing dogs.

One resource I did come across was an app called FindShadow. FindShadow is a free app that helps locate missing dogs by using community networks to help spread the word.

I checked out the app recently and tried out their different features. I also interacted with some of the users on the app as there are messaging features included. Check out my full review below to see what I think of Shadow and its efficacy at reuniting owners and missing dogs.

The app has a clean design with buttons and icons that users can easily navigate to get to the feature they want to use. First, you can create a post that advertises your lost dog which is immediately spread throughout the FindShadow community. Here, you can put photos of your dog and any additional details about them, such as what kind of collar they wear, their breed, and more. This reach of the FindShadow postings is quite impressive. With the rise of online networks, it is now so much easier to disseminate information, including missing dog postings, to a much wider audience compared to the old-fashioned way of sticking up posters around the block. What is special about using FindShadow compared to simply using social media like Facebook or Instagram is that you are now reaching a specific demographic that has their eyes out for stray dogs or dogs wandering by themselves. The community on FindShadow consists of a mix of regular users and volunteers who are all actively using the app to help others find their missing dogs. After spending some time on the app, it became clear that the community on the FindShadow app is very much about giving back.

An example of this is that volunteers from FindShadow help match photos from shelters to the photos on the lost dog postings. This is a beneficial feature that frees up some time for the owners to work on other parts of the process that would have been spent going to the animal shelter and manually going through the photos.

FindShadow also gives you the option to share your posting on social media which is a common ability on most apps. However, this is especially important and useful for the purposes of finding a missing dog because you are able to spread your dog’s image in front of even more people.

Some other notable features and functions of the app include a print and download button for personalized street flyers and a send a free dog Amber Alert to friends and family feature.

The interface and usability of the app are definitely high quality and it offers a lot of features that all have their own unique uses. But after using the app for a few weeks, the most prominent feature I noticed was the sense of community prevalent on the app. Most of the FindShadow users seemed genuinely concerned for other owners and provided support, not only in the actual process of finding the missing dog, but also emotional support and friendship.

FindShadow is a great app and resource for any dog owner.

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